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Rome Sentinel Co.



• Heart of NY Craft Beverage Trail • CNY Cheese Trail Savor 26 dishes, one for every letter of the alphabet...a wide variety with international flair, celebrated local favorites, farmtotable, and chef inspired creations! Be sure to try these original dishes unique to the area: Chicken Riggies | Italian American pasta dish Half-moons | a soft ‘cake-like’ cookie Tomato Pie | thick crust, focaccia-like crust with tomato sauce and Romano cheese Turkey Joints | a blend of chocolate and Hazelnuts covered with a sweet coating Utica Greens | sauteed escarole or chicory, garlic, hot peppers, parmesan cheese, prosciutto & breadcrumbs Looking for a local coffee shop? Pour some happiness and carry on. Check out our curated Coffee Shop Instagram Guide @visitoneidacounty Character Coffee, Utica Joseph Putrello, Utica Utica Coffee Roasting, Utica & Clinton Café Domenico, Utica Calabria Coffee, New Hartford Café Florentine, New Hartford Superofficial, Rome Copperccino’s, Rome Spressos Coffeehouse, Rome The Coffee Tree, Sherrill Sweet Life of a Baker, Sherrill The Bakehouse Café, Vernon Coffee Culture Revival, Blossvale